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Guide to a Successful Job Interview: What to Do a Day Before the Interview

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 15 Feb, 2011 21:29:42

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Do you feel nervous for your job interview? Don’t worry. Here are some things you could do to prepare for the job interview tomorrow.

1. Inform all your contacts, family, and friends about the job interview tomorrow. You need all the support you can get. Thus, inform your family and friends of your job interview tomorrow. They’d be open in helping you out with this special event in your career. Take advantage of the emotional support that they are giving. Listen to their advice and their words of encouragement. You’d feel more secured and confident once you knew that you’re not alone in this challenge.

2. Rehearse for the most possible questions. Face in front of a mirror and try to answer the most possible questions for the job interview tomorrow. Don’t memorize answers as it would only make you look like a **** in front of your employers. Just remember the key points and go with the flow. You can also seek a friend’s help. Ask her to throw questions on you. This way you’d become more prepared and confident for the coming job interview.

3. Call the company to confirm your schedule for interview. Use the contact number given to you by the calling company representative. Call the company and confirm your schedule for interview. Inform clearly that your name and the position you’re applying for. This is to avoid any hassles in case your job interview is cancelled. Never forget to always keep your communication lines open for possible changes on the day and place of interview and other job application updates.

4. Pack all necessary documents and things in one bag. Due to intense pressure, many applicants often forget their things especially if they carry more than one bag. To avoid this problem, prefer to pack your things in one bag. It is also recommended that the bag is somewhat attachable to body like a sling bag. Moreover, pack all necessary things one day before the interview and not on the day of interview. You might become so nervous on the day of interview and forget some important things for the job interview.

5. Prepare for the weather tomorrow. Know the weather forecast for tomorrow for you to become prepared for whatever the day may bring. Bring umbrella and raincoat. Become aware if the place of interview is a flood-prone area.

6. Sleep early. Refrain from gimmicks, night-out, and other sleep depriving activities the night before the job interview. Give your body the rest it needs for tomorrow. You have to become well-conditioned to have better chance of becoming successful for the job interview.

Most likely, you’d start to feel nervous the day before the scheduled job interview. Don’t worry much. This is just normal and also good as it urges you to prepare for the job interview. Don’t kill the nervous feeling. Instead cure it properly by preparing well for the job interview.

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