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Guide to a Successful Job Interview: What to Do After the Call Invitation for Interview

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 15 Feb, 2011 21:32:05

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After you’re called for an invitation for job interview and knowing all the necessary info for it, start your preparation at once. If you really want to get hired, put your efforts in preparing well for the job interview. Here are the recommended things-to-do after the call invitation for interview.

1. Research for the company’s background. Do your homework. Know well what kind of company you’re aiming to work for. This would help you gain the idea of what kind of applicant they are looking for. Get to know their part on your chosen industry, their products and services, and the last projects and activities they’ve participated. You can use these info’s in answering the questions for your job interview. Your employer would definitely discover if you have interest in the job or just trying your luck to acquire income. Have in mind that they’re after applicants that have natural interest and passion for the job. How would they hire you if they’d know you don’t know the company you’ll work for?

2. Know the specific function of the job. The question “Why would we hire you?” is one of the most common questions on job interviews. To prepare for this question, you have to specifically the function of the job. This would help you justify your skills and credentials for the job. Knowing the required qualifications of the job would give you a clear hint on how to match your abilities to the job. Note that you have to prove that you’re the best person for the job.

3. Know the most reliable mode of transportation to the place of interview. Try to go to the place of interview with a friend who knows the place. Assess what transportation mode would bring you fast straight to the place of interview. Remember, you ought to look good and feel good, which will become more possible with reliable transportation. It is always recommended to use a personal vehicle, but if this is not possible. Then, find the best commuting vehicle to use.

4. Complete all the requirements for your application. Once you knew what the requirements are, make a move in completing them all. Some documents may take some time before you have it, so you’d better start gathering them. Some of these are clearances, transcript of records, certifications, and the likes. Secure several copies for each document. Prefer to have spare copies. 

5. Prepare the most appropriate outfit for the interview. Prepare at once the most appropriate outfit for the job interview. Don’t wait for the day of interview to arrive. Start gathering all the best clothes and garments for you to have the best choice.

Many rely on luck in applying for a job. Don’t become one of them, if you don’t want to waste time, money, and effort. If you want to succeed in applying for a job, prepare early for your job interview. Do all what it takes to make the most of this rare chance.

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