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Guide to a Successful Job Interview: What to Do on the Day of Interview (Part 1)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 15 Feb, 2011 21:01:32

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“This is it”, would best describe the day of a job interview. You’re now only few steps away in having the job. The voice inside you continuously says that you have to do this well. Your years of studying, hard work, and dedication, is about to pay. Joy, nervousness, fear, hope… these feelings will dwell in you simultaneously. Be prepared to go with the flow of the mixed emotions to use it to become successful in your job interview. Here are some guiding steps to help you out in going through this challenging moment in your career.

1. Wake up early. You wouldn’t want to run after time in this important day. Hence, get up early. Do all your tidying and relaxing ceremonies to remove the excess pressure. Take a long luxurious bath. Fix your hair. Spray some soothing fragrance. Satisfy yourself with the best look and feeling. You can also talk with your family to receive their blessing and advice. This would give you the confidence you need for the job interview. Feeding your anxiousness by preparing yourself well for this say will bring out the best in you.

2. Eat a satisfying breakfast. Satisfy your stomach with nutritious and energy giving breakfast. Prefer foods with high carbohydrates like rice and bread for you to store enough energy. Make sure you wouldn’t become hungry in the middle of your job interview. You can also bring some crackers and bottle of water to prepare for possible long waits. However, watch also the kinds of food you’ll eat. You wouldn’t want to get distracted because of a sudden tummy emergency.

3. Arrive one-hour early to the place of interview. Budget your time so you’ll arrive one-hour early before the time of interview. Remember, being late will disappoint your prospect employer. It will definitely affect your chances in getting the job. To prevent this from happening, prefer to arrive early. Moreover, this will enable you to avoid additional stress in running after the clock. You can use the excess time in getting familiar with the place of interview. Experts also say that you’d have better chance of getting hired if you’d observe existing policies of the company and of the place while you’re waiting. Once you do these things, you’d become more confident and prepared in answering the job interview questions. Next>>>

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