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Guide to a Successful Job Interview: What to Do on the Day of Interview (Part 2)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 15 Feb, 2011 20:59:01

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4. Get familiar with the place of interview. While you’re waiting for the time of interview, start getting familiar with the place of interview. Know where the comfort room is to have a place to privately freshen yourself up and of course to answer the nature’s calling =). Get to know as well the place where you are requested to stay, the exits, and the entrances. God forbid, but it’s better to become prepared to possible disaster like earthquake and fire.

5. Turn-off your cellphone. You’re in serious ambiance on your job interview when suddenly your phone rings. This would definitely make your interviewer ****. If you’d like to become hired, then turn-off your cellphone or just switch the profile to silent. Moreover, before the interview starts inform all your contacts not to disturb you on your interview. Do this privately and not in the wide open. Some employers look at the attitudes of their applicants while they’re waiting. Expect that when you enter the company premises, you’re under observation.   

6. Clear your mind and focus on the interview. Don’t think about your textmates, your girlfriend or boyfriend. Never worry about the unfed dogs at house. Leave all your worries and unrelated concerns in the house. Remove those unnecessary thoughts and concerns. These thoughts would only disturb your concentration. How can you remove the doubt of your prospect employer on your abilities if you’re busy thinking of other unnecessary things? There is only one thought that should dwell on your mind this day. It is to pass the job interview and get the job. Focus all your energy on how you could prove that you’re indeed the best person for the job.

7. Observe the abiding rules of the place. Instead of draining your energy in worrying while you’re on the chair waiting, focus your attention in observing the existing rules of the place and the company. Notice how people and employees behave in the area. Read the bulletin boards and announcements on the wall. This way you’ll know what you should and shouldn’t do, lessening the tension you feel at the moment. Furthermore, you might find something useful in answering your job interview. Next>>>

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