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Guide to a Successful Job Interview: What to Do on the Day of Interview (Part 4)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 15 Feb, 2011 20:53:27

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12. Refrain from too much body movement. Yes, I’ve mentioned that you have to provide some hand gestures. However, too much of it will show lack of confidence. Hence, minimize hand and body gestures. Some experts say that you should hold on to something to contradict the negativity of too much body movement. They say that you could hold a pen when you’re talking. In my opinion the formula on how to minimize too much hand movement is to just relax. The feeling of nervousness makes you unaware of your body movements. Simply, breathe out the stress and calm your heartbeat. Make yourself comfortable while exerting all your energies in answering the questions properly.

13. Claim the job for yourself. Continuously utter in your mind, “I’m the best for this job” until you become more comfortable and focused. Don’t mind other applicants’ appearance and chitchats. Don’t mind the little voice in your mind saying you won’t make it. These distractions will give you nothing but unnecessary worries and negative emotional loads. Believe in yourself. How will you prove your worth to the employers if you have no confidence on yourself? Use your doubts to your advantage. Prove to yourself your qualifications for the job. If you’re successful in proving your worth to yourself you’d become successful in your job interview.

14. End the interview with a grace. Regardless of your perceived interview result, end the interview with grace. Show victory and claim it for yourself. The war isn’t yet over as long as there is no announced winner. Hence, continue with the battle. Thank the interviewer for spending time and giving you chance to apply for the job. Ask also how the interview result will be announced. Have a confident hand shake with him or her. Claim the job with a victorious happy face. Know also if you could call later to ask for the results. Oftentimes, those who show true interest to have the job succeeds in having it than those who have what it takes but neglects it. So, never surrender.

If you want to become successful in getting the job you want, claim it… prepare for it. Take these tips and you’ll never go wrong on your job interview.

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