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Guide to a Successful Job Interview: What to Do When You Receive Call Invite for Job Interview (Part 2)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 15 Feb, 2011 21:35:26

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5. Ask what you have to wear. Asking what to wear during the interview is often neglected. This is ironic because this is one of the most important details in preparing for job interview. If you don’t want to have a hard time thinking what to wear, ask the calling company for the appropriate outfit to wear. There are instances that the calling company representative informs the applicants of what to wear during the job interview. But if someone calls you that don’t do this, make your move to ask.

6. Ask if you’ll undergo other processes for job application. Oftentimes, job interviews are done after taking qualifying job examinations. To become well prepared for all the job application processes, it is ideal to ask the calling company representative for the sequence of job application processes. Knowing this info would also give you idea of the things you might have forgotten to take note to bring for the interview. Aside from this, you’d be more mentally and emotionally prepared for other job application processes, which is really important to become successful in undergoing a job interview.

7. Take note of the company’s address and contact details. You’ll need to ask the contact details of your prospect company to have an instant access of valid information. This would save you from too much worrying, stress, and hassles. If you have the company’s contact details, you can easily contact them if you want to ask or validate job application info. This would also prevent scammers from victimizing you as one of the fastest and most reliable ways to know a company’s validity is through its contact details and address.

8. Negotiate for your time availability. Consider the time spent for the transportation, your availability based from your schedule, and other things that might affect your attendance for the interview. If you can’t come on time, say it immediately to the calling company representative. Talk about your reason and negotiate for your most available time. Don’t be shy. It’s better to get prepared and inform them of your circumstances. This is definitely a lot better than disappointing them when in fact you already committed.    

9. Confirm your interest for the job. End the call by confirming your interest for the job. Confirm the day and time that you’ll attend the job interview. If you have further questions in mind, don’t be shy to ask. You have to clear things out for you to have the right info needed in preparing for the job interview.

Know all the info relating to the job application. Preparing well for the job will give you more confidence for the job interview. Undergoing a job interview is an important stepping stone in achieving your dream career. Hence, it is but justifiable to prepare well for it.

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