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Guidelines in passing the Cisco CCNA Certification exam

by: Melissa Reyes | 01 Jun, 2010 21:28:33

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To be employed in premier IT companies, a candidate is required to take any industry recognized certification exam. Respectively, Cisco's CCNA is a certification exam to be taken by a network engineer.  As a network engineer, here are some reasons why you need to take the exam?

  • You are required to take the examination needed to justify your monthly compensation as well as to evaluate how much you can contribute to the company with regards to your abilities and expertise.
  • You need a well-paid job – Indicating your CCNA certification on your resume marks a great deal of chances waiting for you in the world of commerce and business. You can further choose your career for a better life.

Most companies including Microsoft, Sun, Oracle, Linux, and Novell provide certification tests to measure a candidates knowledge and expertise on their software products. .

Cisco provides the following certification exams: CCNA, CCDA, CCNP, and CCIE, and other exams such as Security, Voice and Storage.However, besides ample preparations, passing one of these examinations is quite difficult to obtain. In this way, I could give some useful considerations when taking and passing exam the first time.

Choose an appropriate guide book

In local bookstores, look up CCNA study guides written in more exact and easily understood. This book helps you understand and absorb technical details without much difficulties and struggles.

Invest on CCNA bootcamps or CCNA HandsOn training courses

Exposing yourself to real CISCO router and switches will greatly improve your understanding of CISCO networks. reading study guides alone is not sufficient enough for you to pass the CCNA exam. Hands on router configuration and administration is a must.

Invest on Pre-exam Software

There are vendors that sell practice exam software which help you prepare for the actual exam. Make a habit to self-study and to spend more time focusing on the difficult part of the test.

Finally, read the CCNA book carefully, highlighting the item that you may want to come back to later for reviewing

Then, install your practice test software and take your self-test. Don’t overly concern if you are likely to fail. Don’t be discouraged. You may undergo 400-item test that is divided into 4 practice tests. Taking the test four times is advised. After this point you are much prepared to take the actual exam. Though your head has swollen to the point of practice test but in the end  this made you wide-eyed. Now, Get the phone and make a call to your local testing center to schedule your exam. Take it as soon as possible.

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jobs as very important.. to ccna or cisco

can you send me your schedule of trainings for ccna?

and how much will it cost me for all the trainings necessary for the ccna including the exams..

Also please send me your training details..thanks

@ lemuel

Usually our open schedules are M-F/ 9am to 3pm every Saturday 9-3pm or 3-9pm and every Sunday 9-3pm or 3-9pm both espana, manila and buendia, makati branch. For the slow track training we have cisco 1 & 2, 30 hrs. duration of the training, fee is 8500 in cash and for cisco 3 & 4 the same with cisco 1 & 2. We have also CCNA bootcamp training for 40 hrs. duration, fee is 15,500 in cash. For the CCNA Examination fee is USD 250.

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