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Hard disk Bad Sectors How it can affect your PC and Fix it for good

by: Megan B. Bolivar | 10 Oct, 2010 08:21:20

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If Windows XP detects Bad sectors in your computer, that would be a very bad news for you. Your computer will become erratic and would absolutelly make your life miserable you will experience constant hung ups while working on your computer.

What exactly is a bad sector in your hard disk?

Bad sectors are damaged sectors on your hard drive where the computer can not read or write data in it anymore. Sectors are sections on your hard disk which are used to store data from your computers for later retrieval or use. Bad sectors are usually caused by a worn out drive due to prolonged used. It could also be caused by accidental bumping or shaking of your computer while your computer is reading or accessing data on your drive.

How do Windows XP handle bad sectors?

Windows XP or any Windows Server operating systems handle bad sectors intelligently. When bad sectors occur on your hard disk Windows will mark the damaged sector as bad so that it will no longer be used anymore for data storage. If the bad sectors was used to store data, then Windows will use the spare sectors in your hard disk to store and move the data from the bad sectors to the spare sectors, of course this will happen if the data in the bad sectors can still be accessed and read by windows. In the event that WIndows can not move the data from the bad sectors you will be in to a big trouble.

If it happens that your hard disk have numerous bad sectors and your hard disk spare sectors were all used already by Windows that will be the time when you experience alot of troubles on your computer.

These are the common errors you encounter for computers having numerous bad sectors.

Hung Ups

You will encounter frequent hung ups or freezing of your computer. You may experience this while in the middle of working on your crirical projects or while starting up your computer. This happens while your computer is loading data from the bad sectors of your disk. Dont expect windows to just skip the data and continue loading the program because it will defin itly stop there and freezes your computer to death.

(BSOD) Blue Screen Of Death

You will encounter the Blue Screen of Death error. This happens when your computer encounters problems that windows can not handle or to prevent your computer from more damaged caused by an offending device on your computer. This device will absolutely be the hard disk on your computer. The Blue Screen Of Death will appear either during booting up your computer or while loading your favorite programs on your computer but it all depends on when Windows will access the data on your bad sectors, If WIndows reads the data in the bad sector then BOOM!

How do we fix bad sectors?

Fixing bad sectors in your hard disk requires low level formatting of your hard drive. You can use low level format utility designed for a particular brand of hard drive if you have a Seagate drive then you have to use Disk Manager for Seagate, If you have a Maxtor drive then use a Maxtor Low level format program and so on and so forth.

Low level formatting your drive will fix bad sectors in your hard disk but it will not be a 100 percent success story there are drives with bad sectors which can not be fix by Low level format utility due to the severity of the damage sectors.

If you can not Low level format your drive then its time to move on disconnect your hard disk from your computer and toss it into your trash bin and go call your local hard disk dealer and order one for your computer. :)
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