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Harmonious Living With Your PC: Registry And Malicious Software

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 21 Jan, 2011 16:25:24

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(This is the second part of our discussion from – Hard Disk And Registry.)


·          Damage of registry prevention and troubleshooting (continuation)

You may experience regular system downs and screen freezes which resulting from tons of errors that your PC may have.

You are advised to download on your system trustworthy software for registry which is suitable for Windows Vista for keeping your PC free from problems and issues of registry. You may backup your registry for Vista using the software tool you have downloaded before performing the scanning of registry to trace and delete from it the undesirable information. For broken registry defrag task to be done, you may likewise utilize this tool as cleaner of registry. The files of registry are regulated and merged when you activated defrag for registry. Likewise, during uninstalling programs or registry troubleshooting, the registry keys which are empty or any holes of registry are removed which was left behind and registry compression can be supported. For you to have a faster computer speed and faster data access, the registry should be organized and packed together.


·          Malicious software infections prevention and removal

Your PC is victimized by malicious software infection such as Adware or Spyware, internet virus, worms, and Trojan horses if you are beginning to feel the sign of an instant gradual decline of your Vista computer’s performance.

For example, it will be an indication that your personal computer is Spyware infested when your browser’s homepage automatically changes which is one of the issues and problems of homepages.

The answer to these malicious software infestations is the use of antispyware and antivirus programs which are two of the most important software for all users of PCs. You need to make sure that the anti-malicious software programs you are about to use is suitable with your OS and passed the quality standards of the market.

Another thing you need to make sure of is if your protection against new malicious software is guaranteed through the assurance that the two programs are regularly updated with manufacturers’ latest applications on the software. For you to remove all malicious data from your personal computer, you may do periodical scanning of the whole system to guarantee that your PC is malicious software free. You have to be sure that the tool you have chosen can provide protection and shield from any harm on a real-time basis. To keep your computer error free, maintain its fitness, and that no malicious data can invade your computer system is to activate the real-time protection tools. 

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