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How can I Fix a Computer that Restarts without any reason

by: Megan B. Bolivar | 09 Jul, 2011 06:17:44

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Have you ever encountered a computer that keeps restarting without any apparent reason? This situation usually occurs after doing something inside your computer or it just happen without any warning at all. It's like you were using your computer browsing while ago and then you turn it off to eat your lunch and then come back later to check your email. You turn your computer on again and again and then it just keeps on restarting. Well that thing might also happen to your computer.

To fix this kind of Computer Problem is easy. I will tell you the reasons why computer keeps on restarting after turning it on.

You might think a computer virus is causing this problem. Yes maybe a computer virus is causing your computer to restart especially when you are in the middle of browsing the internet or doing some good stuff in it. The FIX Update your Anti Virus program and Scan your computer for virus. If scanning does not work backup your data and Format your Hard drive :)

You may not think that CPU Hardware overheating is the reason your computer keeps on restarting but yes it is, An overheated processor will make your computer restarts. This happens when you turn on your computer and then with just a few seconds passed it will go to restart mode. The FIX, Clean your Computer Processor remove the CPU fan from the CPU and clean it use blower to remove dust accumulated inside the fan and heatsink apply thermal grease into the fan heatsink before putting it back

You may also not think that improper installation of computer parts after upgrading or  cleaning or after you assemble your computer is causing your computer to restart. But Yes it is the one causing your computer to restart with no reason. Improper insertion of computer parts to its designated slot will render your computer to restart all the time as well as forgetting to insert the power cable of CPU fan to the CPU Fan power pins on your motherboard

You might also connect your CPU fan power cable to the wrong CPU fan power pins on your motherboard because some motherboards have pins identical to the CPU fan pins. The FIX, Install the computer parts properly.

If all the above mentioned Fixes does not work you might have a Computer Hardware failure maybe your Motherboard or Memory are having intermittent errors. Try to replace them one at a time.

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...hahaha.. pag hindi na kayang gawin..motherboard na palitan..yan ang sabihin sa customer..sira motherboard..hehehe

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