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How can you prevent your computer from troubles?

by: Melissa Reyes | 10 Aug, 2010 11:38:21

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Can we possibly prevent computers from troubles? Have these problems occurred frequently? These have been the questions since computers started evolving in our daily lives. These problems have been piled up unless we can do something. Nevertheless, we don’t need to be a computer expert to maintain our computer in a good condition. But one thing is certain, preventive maintenance is far better than troubleshooting. Just systematically follow the guidelines I can share you in this article.

1. We need to install anti-virus.  Anti virus software is the most promising program that had been created as a preventive maintenance. The function is not only to stop possible virus but also to keep your computer clean. However, to install the software is not the last recourse. We also need a program that contains “install and download” to be able to automatically be updated; besides this antivirus fully scans the system and regularly checks the date. And so therefore, we can check if our anti-virus software is up-to-date.It is also necessary to install “Windows Updates” which includes bugs patches of Operating System and more importantly it automatically secures the computer from any unidentified problems. In case your computer was already infected with virus you can read this How to clean a virus infected computer! to remove it.

2. An spyware program is very much required to be installed in your computer. This helps your computer detect virus or spyware tools that can possibly destroy or even control your data. Moreover, though most antivirus programs have been packed, Personal Firewall is to be installed. This is to prevent hackers to run on your computer.

3. More importantly, never download or install unreliable software or music along with videos from internet.  We can’t deny the fact that internet can provide us information quickly; it is just on our finger tips,   However, we always bear in our mind that this information is not always accurate and reliable. Some software can worsen the Windows Registry which creates irresolvable errors.

4. Do not install unnecessary programs in your computer. Start cleaning up by uninstalling them and regularly perform disk scan for your hard drive. Some files of the internet that are temporarily stored must be deleted at once.

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