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How do PHP and MySQL work better for interactive sites?

by: Melissa Reyes | 21 Jul, 2010 16:31:04

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In my previous article, I discussed the advantages of PHP in programming. This article gives emphases on the advantages of making your website interactive through PHP and MySQL. At first, you must educate yourself a bit of programming before you can automate your website because it requires programming skills. As it has been said, popular programs such as PHP, ASP, Java script and others can be used for your website automation. But for me, PHP is still the most functional among others. Here are some reasons:

1. PHP is integrated more easily to web pages. Language used in advanced programming is very useful at the same time it is easy to access. 

2. PHP language programming interfaces with the most popular online database which has been used by professional programmers. PHP interacts with MySQL very well.

3. PHP is an Open Source Code. It is called open for its codes are always available for public. Other users freely get information from PHP unlike other sources such as ASP. And so therefore, a group of programmers using PHP can possibly use and reuse codes instead of spontaneously creating. In this way, you can make your time more profitable and productive rather than wasting it.

4. PHP is very flexible tools of webmasters most specifically if it is combined with MySQL to automate the website. If these two work together and more harmoniously, it will make your website far more attractive and beautiful as well as marketable. They work well for e-commerce, keyword tracking, customer relations, email newsletters, set user preferences, scheduled updates, invoicing, manage password protected, member's areas, content management and lead follow up. Here are just limited examples PHP and MySQL give you. It does not only save your time but much more on your money. You can easily customize programs in PHP and MySQL. They also offer prepackaged programs that are deliberately created for you.

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