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How do Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Electronic Spiders work together for your website to get SERP or Search Engine Result Position?

by: Melissa Reyes | 21 Sep, 2010 10:25:16

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  “Aim Higher! Soar higher!”  This slogan is very common to all. But this may also be the motto of a very ambitious person who never stops exploring and discovering new break through in his life. Similarly, every web master sets his goal to make his website on the first rank if not to get higher SERP or Search Engine Result Position. This makes Search Engine Optimization (SEO) seeps its way to help your goal come into realization.

Most people searching on the internet usually come across websites by typing any keyword they wish to find in a search engine. If your website contains the keywords they were looking for, automatically, your site will appear if not first, on the first page.

Surely, what troubles you is how to make your site to get SERP? The most important thing a web master considers is that the keywords or phrases must be visible or highlighted in all content of your website. In this way, the SEO easily searches your site. The keywords are your keys to the first page. Choose the commonest phrases that most people search. Use other synonym words to make it sure that whatever keyword phrases they type, your site will be searched.

This has been the job of SEO or Search Engine Optimization i.e. to make your website be searched. Considering the keyword research as the most popular strategy, the webmasters must inculcate in his mind the relevance of choosing and assuming the keyword targets. In this event, the search engine sends electronic spiders to continuously collect data in a website and eventually store in its database. The role of these spiders is to go through links in every page and at the same time copy the data. Understanding the function of spiders is technically understanding the fundamentals of Search Engine Optimization. The SEO links to your website through the electronic spiders that provide links that are capable to steadily exist on a web.

Soon, you will learn more about how SEO works for your website.

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