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How to Avoid Job Mismatch: A Guide for Students (Part 1)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 15 Feb, 2011 05:28:49

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Some nursing graduates do call enter jobs, HRM’s on security uniforms… they are only some of the graduates working for jobs not matching to the course they took. They’ve wasted time, money, and effort just to land on a job they didn’t expected. It may happen that they may like the job they got. But still, the skills and knowledge they have aren’t appropriate for their current job. They need to undergo further training, and get extra guts to accept people’s scrutiny. If you don’t want to end just like them, take the following tips on how to get the job you want.

1. Define your skill. It is always best to prefer a college course that has the best of your skills. Hence, know your forte. If you have still no idea, start basing from your previous achievements. Look back on the activities you had in which you excelled. It will also help if you’d list all your good qualities and talents. You can also take career assessment exams to know specifically your field of knowledge. There are available reliable resources and applications online that offers free assessment. Take advantage of it. This way you’d have better idea where to start your career.

2. Know your interest. What work interests you best? What are the specific activities you enjoy that you tend to forget if you’d get something out of it? What kind of work would you stand doing for a lifetime without getting bored? The answers to these questions will reveal to you what job you would like for yourself in the future. Take time in pondering these questions. You wouldn’t want to end up in a job that you don’t like or waste time in shifting college course. This is a major life decision, so take it seriously. Once you knew what you want, you’d have better idea in what field you’ll succeed.

3. Decide early where you want to work. Do you plan to work abroad or stay in your country? You should know because different countries adapt different governing policies and standards of employment, which you ought to know if you want to qualify to the job you want. Aside from this fact, this is important in assessing if the career you want to take is in-demand in the place you want to live. Deciding where to work is often neglected- one of the main reasons why many end up on a job they didn’t study. Next>>>

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