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How to Avoid Job Mismatch: A Guide for Students (Part 2)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 15 Feb, 2011 05:26:04

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4. Plan your future in solid details. You’d have better chances in achieving the job you want if you have a reliable plan to make it happen. To make it reliable, be specific. The steps and details should be realistic and achievable. Know also the requirements and the things you need. Search for resources and aids to make your plan achievable. There are available private and public institutions that offer help from study to employment. Make use of these. Just become take time in planning all the elements for your plan to work well. Be confident but don’t loosen up. If you have a good plan, you’re half your way to the job you want in the future.

5. Know now the in-demand careers at time of your graduation. Research for the in-demand jobs when you graduate. You need this info for you to have a basis of what college course you should take. The jobs in-demand at present may not be when you’ll hunt for job. Remember, there are a lot of students who also plan to get the job you have in mind. Besides from the tightening competition, world economy is constantly evolving. It wouldn’t be surprising if a college course will become obsolete in the future. The employment demand is changing along with the development of technology and accepted standards. If you don’t want to become included in the increasing number of jobless graduates, know the statistics. Be aware of the employment trend, and what’s ahead for world and local economy. You’ll have better idea of what college courses you should take for a bright future.

6. Know the salaries and benefits of the jobs that interest you. You may have more than one college course that interest you. If you don’t know what to prefer, don’t just take a rush unmindful decision. Choose the one that suits your needs best. Know what college course will give you the fastest way up, higher salary, and better benefits. There are available reliable informations online that will give you approximate estimates of salaries of different jobs. If you want to get specific numbers, try asking reliable networks and friends online. These resources will help you decide what will suit you best. Let’s admit it. Salary is an important factor to consider. This is the reason why there are doctors shifting to nursing to qualify for a higher salary working abroad. Next>>>

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