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How to Avoid Job Mismatch: A Guide for Students (Part 4)

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 15 Feb, 2011 05:20:23

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11. Never stop learning. Even if you’d obtain a job, there isn’t an assurance that you’d always have it. With the constant increase of graduates and applicants, you shouldn’t loosen in making yourself qualified, especially if you’re aiming for a higher level. Thus, always get yourself updated with what’s new in your industry. Never ever think that you already have it all, even though you may have several achievements. There is no such thing as enough in terms of learning and knowledge. New discoveries and development are constantly coming. Here out what others teach even if they may be lower in level. They definitely have something that you don’t.

12. Take eligibility exams. Never neglect the importance of eligibilities and licenses. They are the proofs of your competence and professionalism. Hence, take these exams once you get qualified to take it. Prepare well for the exams. Never think of taking it if you aren’t prepared enough. You’ll only waste money and effort once you do so, and still you won’t have assurance. Licenses and certificates are often required to qualify for a job. If you really want to have the job and don’t want to have a job mismatch, take all necessary exams and certifications.

13. Focus on what you really want to achieve. It’s so easy to get swayed and forget all about your plans for your career. Don’t fall to this common mistake. It takes dedication, hard work, perseverance, and sincerity to get the job that you want. You need to live for your dreams and strive for it. Every little step is important. Therefore, get the habit of doing every little step to achieve your dream job each day. This sets apart the dreamers and achievers - the courage to make a dream into reality.

14. Expect failures and make contingencies for it. Along your journey to achieve your dream job, there will be instances of failure. Hope for the best, but prepare yourself for failures. This will enable you to move on and plan things ahead. Hence, don’t surrender when you’ve failed to pass a licensure exam, or you didn’t succeed in applying for a job. Expect these things will happen. Don’t give up your dreams knowing they’re really what you wanted for yourself. When you’ve failed, know the reason and fix it. You can always do something to make yourself better. Learn from your failures and use them to your advantage in improving yourself. Next>>>

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