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How to Choose the Best College Course for You

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 09 Jun, 2010 06:03:40

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Entering college education creates a sense of maturity. A beginning of a new phase of life, it entails additional responsibility and awareness, which includes assessing your field of study. Choosing well your college course is essential, as it will be the foundation of your future career.

Many graduates nowadays are still unemployed because they did not took time in sorting out well what college course will suit them best. Low demand in market of employment, lack of interest for the career path, and shortage of compensation for the study, are only some of the pitfalls. Take time to think what college course that fits well your needs, in order to avoid these pitfalls. These are 7 simple steps on how to choose the best college course for you.

  1. Ask yourself, what interests you, what activities are you satisfied that you will not grow tired when done routinely. This will give you clue of your ideal “job description”. If you still don’t get the hook of it, take note of moments you enjoyed doing a task.
  2. Take a list of your strengths and weaknesses. Do include all your skills even if they’re not scholastic, for example organizing skills, which are often apparent on doing house chores.
  3. From your list of “enjoyable tasks” and skills, surf the net for matching jobs. List every job that appeals to you.
  4. Search the required field of study for these jobs. Most likely, it will shorten your list of choices, as certain jobs have the same field of study.
  5. Know the advantages and the disadvantages of each college course. Take note of its demand in the local and international market in time of your graduation, estimated expenses in completing the study, and individual subjects as well.
  6. Using your data at hand, evaluate each interesting college course. Seek guidance from your parents; teacher; guidance counselor; or anyone you think that is knowledgeable of the industries you like, and at the same time know your capabilities and interests as well.
  7. Make your own decision. Consider other people’s advice. However, use your own judgment. At the end of the day, it’s you who will reap the result.

Choosing the field of your study is a decision of your future…what you will become… and what will you do after school. Solely, based from these reasons, you should take your move. Money, time, and effort, are not only at stake but your morale and contentment as well. With the present competition tightening up, a little effort in assessing your skills and pointing out what will hone them is already a big advantage.

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Don't just choose the course because your parents want it for you. Choose the one you really like or related to your passion ex. if you like computer games and you're a computer savvy try to find a course related to computer like Computer Engineering, BS Information Technology and other computer related courses

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