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How to Create a Single Inbox for Multiple Email Accounts

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Jan, 2011 11:26:55

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Emailing is one of the most widely used modes of communication nowadays. Thus, almost everybody already has email accounts both for work and personal use. Aside from work and personal email accounts, others secure dummy email accounts used in registering to unsecured websites (often to download softwares).

Indeed, it’s nice to have multiple email accounts for your security. However, maintaining them is another story. You have to log-in to each account in order to check for emails. If you’re using same host for these accounts, you have to log-in and log-out to check everyone of them, which is really annoying. To help you out with this dilemma, the following are the easy steps to create a single inbox for your email accounts:

1.       If you have no Gmail account, please secure more than one depending on how many email accounts you need. Gmail provides free email forwarding unlike other hosts that requires you to upgrade to a paid account. You can create up to four Gmail account; one main email account that will serve as the all-in-one inbox, and three linked email accounts. Customize each accounts setting and personal info according to use and privacy need.

2.       Enabling your main inbox to receive emails from your other Gmail accounts, sign-in to your main Gmail account. Click settings located as shown on the picture below:

Then, select “Accounts and Import” that will open a field shown below.

Push the “add POP3 email account” button to finally enter the email address of the account to get mail from and click “Next Step”.

Next, provide the username and password of your Gmail account that you want to link to your main Gmail account. Check also the corresponding options if you want to leave a copy of retrieved message on the inbox of the Gmail account that you want to link to your main Gmail account, label of the incoming messages, and archiving. And click “Add Account”.

3.       Finally, you’ll receive a notification as shown below that your Gmail account has been linked and you can now retrieve mail from the Gmail account you’ve provided. Before clicking “Next Step”, you can also decide whether you want to send email through your main email account but with “from address” of your linked email account.

4.       Repeat Steps 2-3 to add all your Gmail accounts.

Now, you’re done creating a single inbox catering to different accounts and uses! To organize your inbox create labels for each account, sender, and/or purpose.  This way you’ll maximize your time and effort in keeping up with your work and personal endeavors.

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