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How to maximize your Laptop's Battery life

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 18 Jul, 2011 21:04:38

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Laptops are made for portability.  Their size allows you to bring them wherever you go. As we all know, laptops depends on batteries besides the main power adapter. The life of the battery will depend on the user. In this article, I’ll be discussing ways on how to maximize the battery life of your laptop computers.

Lower your brightness – Diming your screen can help you maximize your battery life. This will increase your battery life by a few percent.

Turn off your WIFI and Bluetooth when not in use - The said wireless connections can squeeze your battery life. If you are just typing a document or watching a movie, I recommend that you just turn it off. Remember, when your WIFI is switched on, it will dramatically increase your battery life. Even if you are not connected to a network, you must still switch if off because there are also reports that it consumes more battery while searching for available networks.

Power saver – If you are just typing or just browsing the net, you can switch to the “power saver” mode of your laptop. This is a feature of laptops that will help maximize battery life. If ever you’ll be using editing programs or programs that use more memory, you just switch to the “high power” mode which enables faster processing but lowers your battery life.

Charge the battery correctly – Most laptop owners doesn’t care much about their batteries. Most owners just plug the power of their laptops even if it is not yet necessary. Only plug the power of your laptop when the battery percentage is already at 20%. This way, you’ll be charging your laptop properly. You can use your laptop while charging though it is still better to charge it first before using it again.  If you are just using your laptop at home, I advise you to directly use the power adapter and remove the battery. This way, it is good for the battery though you must still use it one a week if you are just using your laptop as a desktop.

The said tips are only few of the many ways to conserve your laptop’s battery life. Having a laptop is much different from having a desktop. If you just need a computer for home use, I’ll be suggesting that you just purchase a desktop because it might be more suitable for you. Laptop parts are basically more prone to overheating because of the sizes of their parts and that is why using a laptop for long hours is really not advisable. Using your laptop in bed is not a good idea though most owners are still doing this. Using your laptop in bed traps the heat inside your laptop which can result to overheating or burned parts. That is the main reason why is it really not advisable to use your laptop in bed.

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