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How to Monitor your Employees computers in the office wihout them knowing it

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 12 Jul, 2011 21:53:32

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In a company, there would always be some employees who would take advantage of their jobs. There would be some that would just play games instead of office works. This is one of the biggest problems of companies. Delaying work could result to missing deadlines given by the boss. To prevent this kind of problems with employees, a program that could monitor employees could be helpful.

If you want to monitor your employee’s computer, there would be programs that could help you though most programs are not free but it could be a good investment for you. In this article, I’ll be helping you on what features must be included in the program to better monitor your employees.

Save logs – The program must be capable of saving log files for the websites visited, applications used, files and documents viewed and even chat and email conversations. These logs could help you find out what your employees are doing inside the office. You would now know if they are really working hard or not.

Remote installation – If you can’t access their computers physically, the program must be capable of installing the program remotely. You can also install it without them knowing. In this way, it won’t be hard for you to install it one by one. You can even uninstall it if you want to remove it completely.

Real time monitoring – The programs must also be in real time to see what your employees are currently doing. This would help you check if he’s rushing the task given to him or just continue in playing games or something.

Remote access anywhere – It is important to have this feature because it would be possible that your employees would think that you are not currently monitoring them because you’re not in the office that’s why accessing them remotely would be important.

Complete stealth – This is one of the most important features that the program must have. Running the program in stealth mode would be the best way to monitor them without their knowledge. It would also be possible that they might already be aware that a spy program is installed in their computers but if there would be no traces to prove that a spy program is installed, they would still doubt.

There are many programs out there that has this features but the said programs are not free. This could cost you thousands of pesos for the said program but it would definitely help you determine the good employees from the not.

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