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How to prepare job interviews after passing the Cisco CCNA Certification

by: Melissa Reyes | 29 Jun, 2010 11:36:45

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Well, congratulations! You are now a CCNA certification-holder! You made it! You did it! You earned it!

So what’s next!

Of course, you surely want to climb the ladder to your success. Passing the CCNA exam is not the end but it is the commencement of new beginnings. Since you are holding your certification, you may be confident enough to embark a new job. Holding your toughest weapon, you can be entering the world of Information Technology on LAN or on WAN or stepping higher in your field.

But one way leads onto others; first, you undoubtedly face a nerve-wracking interview. Are you ready? Having with you the certification, will that mean you pass the interview?

To be exact, you must prepare yourself, though others may not undergo interview but some do well. Do not overly confident thinking that you are omniscient and there’s no need to review because those questions in the interview may not be the same what you had taken in the exam. Study and scrutinize more on NAT as well as binary math which might be the toughest topics in CCNA. Furthermore, being into hands- on experience is a great deal. Consequently, during the interview, answer the questions CONFIDENTLY!

Keep reviewing if necessary. Sometimes, after the long-test in CCNA, and you get relaxed for two or three days, after all, your knowledge is inevitably lost or forgotten. As a matter of fact, there are no more multiple choices in the interview. Do you get me?

 Preparing the interview is a must! It requires much time more than preparing for the exam. In fact, it would be better for you to prepare for the interview first before the exam. This means that you should have much time to prepare for the interview. Get a quality education in CISCO. Furthering your knowledge may be done by asking other people in the field. You need more exercises in hands-on to be more experienced and trained. This really helps. What is the use of the certification if you fail interviews? This is true. Take it or leave it, there’s a possibility to fail the interview. Well, let say your certification is a guarantee, however, but if you prepare well, that would be much better. 

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