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How to prevent a computer virus from infecting your computer

by: Megan B. Bolivar | 24 Oct, 2010 07:22:22

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Computers are vulnerable to virus especially if you are using it everyday browsing the internet. Preventing virus from infecting your computer is the best way to make your computer healthy. There are lots of virus removal tool in the market and some are offering it for free if you are using it for your personal computer or for home use

Prevention is better than cure. It is a good practice to avoid computer virus from infecting your computer. We can prevent virus from infecting our computers by doing the following virus prevention tips.

Avoid using untrusted Flash disk/drive on your computer

Common source of a computer virus are flash disks that are inserted on your computer. Flash disk is a portable data storage device that you can use anywhere. You can use it anywhere as long as there is a computer with USB slots. One common source of flash disk infection is from a public computer shops.

Some computer shops or internet cafe have poor anti virus software which will render all of their computers infected with virus. Once you insert your flash disk into any of the computers inside to save the documents you typed or save the programs you downloaded your flash disk will automatically get infected with a virus.

Avoid Opening websites with malwares

Another source of a computer virus is through untrusted websites. There are lots of websites in the internet that embed malware on to their webpages once you access this infected webpage. your computer will no doubt be infected with malware virus. examples of this website are the crack sites, warez, serial kegens, adult sites etc..

If you happen to open a website and then all of a sudden a popup window will open telling you to scan your computer for virus or you have won one million dollar or something and then instructs you to download and install a software, do not oblige to what it is telling you to do because that is absolutely a trick to infect your computer with a malware virus.

Avoid downloading untrusted Trial Software

Trial softwae can be the source of computer malware viruses. Not all trial software have embedded malwares but there are other unscrupulous software developers that insert malwares into their trial software programs. So be sure that the software you are testing came from a decent software solutions company.

Enable your Windows computer Firewall Feature

If your are using Windows XP enable the builtin Windows FIREWALL although this feature will not block all malicious programs coming in to your computer, it will be a good deterrent to the common malicious software entry points to your computer.

Install a reliable Anti Virus software

There are hundreds of antivirus software in the market but choose the one that  has the best virus cleaning and blocking methods. Install antivirus programs that will not affect your computer's speed.
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