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How to Protect Teenagers from Social Networking Sites like Facebook

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 17 Jul, 2011 20:31:41

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Most of us are aware that even teens are now using social networking sites. They already have the most famous “facebook” at a very early age. But most of us are not aware about the danger of the said social networking site. In this article, I’ll be talking about some tips on how to protect your teens from the dangers of Social Networking in the Internet.

Do not accept unknown friend requests – It may be a social networking site but for teenagers, it is really dangerous to accept someone who is really not a friend. It might be possible that this person is just adding you to gain your trust or something. So again, as much as possible, never add someone who is really not familiar to you.

Hide your personal information – Never expose your address, cellphone numbers or any other private details. This will avoid cases that somebody would go to your home or even text you pretending that he or she knows your parents or friends. This might only be a trick to gain your trust.

Never do meet-ups – If an unknown person texted you, it might be someone who wanted to know you more. Always ask him / her on how he/she got your contact number. It might be someone who just wants to meet new friends but be careful because he / she might just be gaining your trust. If he / she would be asking to meet you, never go. Doing meet–ups in an early age is really not advisable because you might easily be ****ed.

Monitor their computers – If you already doubt that your child is talking to someone, you can install a program that can monitor and record their computers without them knowing. This way, you would know everything that he/she is doing. Teens need to be monitored well because this is the time wherein they are curious on everything that why supervision is really needed at this ages.

At this point of time, there are already many cases that teens had been raped by someone that they only met online. There are even cases that they’ll just gain your trust but will just rob you during meet-ups. These are some of the most popular “modus operandi” of criminals. This is why you need to monitor your kids because teens are really curious and loves to explore at this ages. As a piece of advice, make sure that you know where they are all the time. In this case, you’ll have a peace of mind that your teen is safe.

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