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How to Protect your Office from Property Theft with High Tech Security Devices

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 14 Jun, 2011 19:20:54

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Is theft a big problem in your office? or can someone whom you don’t know can enter your office easily? Hiring a security personnel might not be enough to secure your office. What if your employees are the one stealing something inside the office?  You may not be experiencing the said problems today but maybe in the future. To make sure that your office is secured, I’ll tell you how to Protect your business from theft and explain some devices that will prevent security problems.

1. Install a CCTV (Closed-circuit television) Camera – CCTV cameras are the very important in an office. The said device can monitor everything in your office. This will serve as a “guard” for your files and documents. CCTV cameras can be recorded so that if there would be something missing in your files, you can easily determine the one who stole in from you.

2. Install Biometrics – The said device is normally used for the employee’s time in and out. Besides monitoring the attendance of employees, this also serves as an access pass in your office. Biometrics is normally installed near the door and will ask for a code or your fingerprint before you can enter the premises. Of you are not registered on the database, you can’t enter the premises. This is a very useful security feature for your office.

3. Install RFID (Radio-frequency identification) card – This is also a security being used to prevent unauthorized access on certain rooms in your office. You can limit their RFID on rooms that they are allowed to go in. For example, your accounting department can only access rooms inside their department; they are not allowed to enter the manager’s office, the human resource department or the sales department. This will help you manage your office easier. This is also installed besides doors and all you need to do is to swap your access card to open the doors. This is mostly used in call centers but is really advisable in offices.

The said security devices are the one’s commonly used at offices. This will really help you minimize theft in your office. You can also monitor your employees even at home. CCTV cameras can be configured to be accessed using the internet so that you can still see what’s happening in your office. If you’re going to invest in a building or an office, make sure that you have the said devices. This may cost you some money but it is worth it.

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