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How to Setup a Wireless Printer

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 18 Jul, 2011 20:12:20

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Due to the advancement of technology, wireless devices are slowly growing. There are different wireless products in the market nowadays; there is the wireless mouse, keyboards, headsets and more. And now, they’ve already invented the wireless printer. In this article, I’ll be discussing you on how to install a wireless printer.

So what’s new with the wireless printer?

Basically, from the term itself, it eliminates the need of wires on the network for printing though it will still depend on you. You will still have the option to use a wired network or a wireless one.

In the office, I was asked to setup a new printer for the network. I was amazed that it was a wireless printer. That was my first time to actually see and setup a wireless printer. Installing a wireless printer is a bit different from installing a wired one. The wireless printer is a multipurpose printer which also includes a fax, photocopier and also the scanner.

Before anything else, the printer must first be assembled. You must install all the cartridges first before setting up anything. After installing the cartridges, you must now configure the settings for your wireless printer. You will have the option to set a static IP address or you’ll just let the DHCP function do the job. You must also make sure that the SSID of your router is available so that the wireless printer can connect to your network. If there would be a password for your router, you would need to enter it also.  If you’ve done it right, you’ve already connected the wireless printer in your network.

After installing the printer, you must also install the software on each workstation so that you can connect to the printer using the network. Most workstations might be using a wired connection, this won’t be a problem. Just run the software/ driver and with some basic configurations, you can now use your wireless printer from any workstation. If the printer can’t be detected, check your workgroup name. It might be possible that your workgroup name is different from the workgroup of the wireless printer. And also, make sure that while installing the softwares, the printer must be turned on so that it can be detected automatically by the driver.

After installing all drivers, make sure to test print a page so that you’ll be sure that the printer is really installed because there are cases that the driver was already installed though it still won’t work.

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