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How to Solve PC Problems

by: Megan B. Bolivar | 11 Oct, 2011 06:30:09

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If you ask this question then i am sure you are a novice computer user why because there are hundreds of PC problems out there. You need to know what PC problems is bugging you out.

Anyway, I will tell you exactly how to solve PC problems. Let us start with the very basic troubleshooting techniques.

PC problems may be too easy or too hard to fix. To fix too easy computer problems, Try not to make the problem hard to fix by bypassing the real fix to the problem you might assume that the problem is a failed Power Supply but it turns out that the real problem is a busted power cord.

When trying to fix a computer start from the basic Start by going to the least expected computer parts that maybe causing the problem.

Let say for example you are called to fix a computer you were told that the screen is blank after powering the computer on. What will be the first thing that you should do? If you gonna fix this kind of problem. You need to think first before you begin to fix it.

What will happen if you allow your instinct and then do the fixing at a glance? You might end up a sucker if the problem is actually very easy to fix.

You know that if a screen is blank most probable reason will be number one a failed RAM or Memory number 2 a failed Video Card number 3 a failed motherboard or Failed Monitor.

If you took the path of fixing the problem from number 1 problem to the number 3 problem then you eat alot of time fixing it but eventually you will gonna fix it

But as i have told you this is an easy fix. What do you think is the easy fix for this PC problem?

Well the real problem for this computer is that. The Brightness setting for the Computer Monitor is set to the maximum darkness setting which in turn will produce a blank screen when the computer is powered On.

So what do you think is the easy fix? You figure it out :)

This kind of  minor computer problems are usually seen in household computers where there are children playing around the computer and pressing every button that they can see in your computer.

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sir if ever na gusto ko mag reformat ng computer or loptop pano po gagawin?

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