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How to Stop Internet Addiction

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 14 Jun, 2010 10:03:18

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From entertainment to socialization, internet has everything that can come across your mind in taking leisure. Along with these perks, internet is very convenient to reach and easy to access. This makes internet surfing very addicting, if you’ll not careful enough.

If you already forget time and realized you’ve been seating for 5 hours of internet surfing, you should check yourself. Well, this is fine if you’re surfing as a part of your obligation. However, if you’re just having fun, be alarmed. An hour or twice is sufficient in having some break, more than that is already an abuse.  If you’ve confirmed you’re indeed a certified internet addict, here are some tips on how you can get off of it:

  1. Have a fixed schedule for a whole day of all your activities, including net surfing.
    Set how many time you’ll spent on browsing the World Wide Web. Collaborate it with your daily tasks, taking sleep or rest, and some family time as well. Stick to the schedule. No matter what you’re doing once your time is up, close that internet window. The first few days can be very stressing. Don’t worry. After some time of abiding your schedule, you’ll get the habit. You’ll be surprised how you became more productive by eliminating your addiction.
  1. Separate time for net surfing for leisure from working on computer for tasks. Often times, net surfing for fun is inserted to taking computer tasks. We are frequently diverted as internet is very convenient to access while we work. Avoid this by separating fun time from work time on net surfing. Be strict on yourself. You’ll have a better time management when you’ve get it in your system.


  1. Set priorities. List your priorities, having the most important task on top. Take seriously the list. Do the main activities first, and have the fun after you’ve done your entire obligation. Have in mind of your “most sought net surfing” as a reward for a whole day’s work. This simple inspiration can make you work better and more efficient. Apart from this benefit, you’ll have a full enjoyment for you’ll never bear the guilt as you’re taking your leisure moments after work.

More efficiency at work…more fun at breaks, this is what you’ll achieve if you’ll stick on these simple tips. It takes some sacrifices and a bit of patience to acquire these tips as habit. However, working out for a balanced career and leisure is possible if you’re determined enough.

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