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How to uninstall a program correctly

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 17 Oct, 2011 18:25:06

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As we all know, all programs installed in a computer can also be removed. Uninstalling a program is a very easy thing to do though some users do it the wrong way which can even result to a computer crash. Normally, users uninstall a program because they are not using it anymore or the disk space is very low which uninstalling is pretty much needed already.

First of all, when uninstalling a program, make sure that you backed up any important files that might be lost after uninstalling it. This is just to make sure. Also check if there would be any programs that would be affected if you’ll be uninstalling a certain program. For example, if you’ll be uninstalling adobe flash player, this would definitely affect some programs like your internet browser. This would remove the capability of your browser to play flash files on your computer. So before anything else, always check this one. Just to add, make sure that you have administrator rights to let you uninstall programs.

As I’ve said, uninstalling a program is easy. Below are the simple and correct steps on how to do it.

Uninstalling a program using the program’s uninstaller:

Most programs also have an uninstaller which allows you to remove the installed program if you wish.

To do this, you just need to go to start > all programs > then select the folder of the program that you want to remove. Then look for the uninstaller of the program. Normally, it would look like this “Uninstall xxx from your computer” After clicking this one, there are some steps that you would follow. If you’ll be asked if you want to repair or remove, select the remove so that it will uninstall the program for you. If it would be finish already, you will be prompted. Some programs will ask you to restart your computer first after uninstalling it. If you’ll be asked, please do restart first.

Uninstalling a program using windows:

If you want to remove a program using windows, follow the steps below.

Start > control panel> add or remove programs then select the program that you want to remove then click uninstall. Some programs will prompt you if you want to remove or repair the program. Select the remove program to permanently remove it from your files. Again, it will prompt you if uninstalling the program is successful.

The said steps are the correct and safe way to remove a program. As I’ve said, removing a program by just deleting its folder might cause problems or crash. To avoid those problems, do it the right way.

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