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How Your Online Social Account Can Affect Your Career

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 29 Jun, 2010 10:38:30

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Mind you… online accounts such as Friendster, Facebook, Twitter, and others; can really affect your employment. How? Do you remember posting some silly comments online? Imagine what would your future employer think when he reads it. What more if he sees your odd username?

I remember a coworker of mine submitted a file folder to the department head using his username upon naming it. The folder was named “lazybone”. Until now I can still picture boss’s irritated face as he asks why the file was named with such. Wanting to lighten the atmosphere our supervisor replied it’s because the sender is describable as such. But that didn’t worked... it even made his head hotter that he answered, “Then why did you even think of hiring him?” And that did end the discussion….

I have nothing against my colleague. I even admire him for being so professional and hardworking. Yet because of his username, he created a wrong impression on himself. So you see, not all bosses take it light. Career is a serious thing and expects no rooms for playing around.

Now, maybe you’re thinking you can still have your quirky posts as long as you don’t bring them at work. Well, preferably you shouldn’t. Some companies are strict when it comes to their employees’ credibility that they even investigate on the backgrounds including online facets. There’s no other safer way in keeping your credibility than avoiding blots as much as you can.

You can still have your socialization online as long as you keep in mind what is proper to post and what is not. World Wide Web makes information accessible to everyone, be it clean or unclean. Thus, it is important that each net user should take the responsible of keeping self-integrity. In view of the fact that reputation is a significant aspect in career advancement; delete those childish comments, change your ****ish usernames, and get rid of immature posts and pictures. This is but a little sacrifice for your own career progress. Weigh in your judgment the difference of fun from ****ish.

Indeed, internet is a fragile tool that demands right usage. The users will dictate what will be its effects on them base on how it is handled. Therefore, a grasp of the possible outcomes is vital in every computer user. If you can others aware as well, do so. Do your simple way of saving their future careers.

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