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If it were not for technology, what would be your life like?

by: Melissa Reyes | 02 Sep, 2010 13:17:31

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           It has been frequently claimed that technologies are downfall of men. It was even believed that men will be destroyed by their own creations. Technologies are culpable of all evils, crimes and accidents. But I can say that these are common ludicrous allegations of these people who really don’t know the truth about technology and nothing to do but to bash it down. I want to make them analyze the most impeccable proofs of the usefulness of technology.

            If it were not for technology, their life might not be easier and more comfortable. They wouldn’t have more leisure and recreations. For instance, in their free time, what would they do if they don’t have television or computer; they hardly contacted their friends because they didn’t have cell phone or telephone. How could they imagine themselves living in a small world with limited steps? Would they imagine themselves sitting on a big rock watching the birds flying or the water flowing to the sea?

             If it were not for technology, their life might not be safer. I strongly dispute what they said that because of technology, wars often occurred and crimes have been rampant. Why should they blame technology? Due to its absence in a nation or simply in a village or city, this place would be a subject to evasion and colonization under powerful countries. They forget to think that the advancement of technology truly helps authority to catch criminal and for crime investigations. Another illustration is that when they encountered accidents, how they could call the authority more especially if this happened in a far-flung area. Isn’t it that cell phone is the last recourse?

              If it were not for technology, the medical industry has never been furthered to the highest peak. Isn’t it wonderful to think that someone successfully underwent surgery because of technology? Isn’t it that more and more people could live healthier and in better shape?

If it were not for technology, by means of computer and internet, people couldn’t become closer and the relationship couldn’t become more intimate and tighter. They can learn each culture through surfing or everything you want to learn can be possibly acquired through technology.

                If they keep on bashing down technology, they should realize how many times they went to the doctor, rode in a car, watched TV, or used a phone. Could they still say that technology is meaningless?

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