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Importance of a portable hard drive

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 30 May, 2014 10:13:17

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A portable hard drive from the name itself is a hard drive that you could carry wherever you go. It is like a bigger version of a flash drive. The main difference of a portable hard drive with a regular flash drive is that a portable hard drive could accommodate bigger storage capacity.

Having a portable hard drive is important for those who are on the go. A function of a portable hard drive depends on the user. For those who are related to the information technology field, portable hard drives serves not just a storage but also a backup drive especially if there would be important files or data that could be needed for work. For movie buffs, a portable hard drive for them might contain TV series and several movies that they could enjoy watching for hours. For those who love to take pictures, this serves as storage for the pictures that they took.

For those who are not aware, both desktop and laptop hard drives could also be used as a portable hard drive but you need to purchase an enclosure in order for it to work. If you'll be using a laptop hard drive with an... enclosure, it could serve as a regular portable hard drive. If you'll be using a desktop hard drive, it could work but I wouldn't recommend it because enclosures for desktop hard drives need a power supply in order for it to work.

Some might be confused on what to buy, either a flash drive or a portable hard drive. It would only be you who could decide on this matter because it would still depend on the type of files that you would be saving on it but if you'll only be saving some documents, a flash drive might already be a good choice for you. If you'll be saving tons of files, a portable hard drive would be the one that I would recommend.

A portable hard drive could cost you thousand of pesos and I would suggest that before buying one, it would be better to compare prices between different computer stores or you could also check online. Usually, online prices would be a lot cheaper compared to store prices at malls. Another thing, you could also search for reviews regarding portable hard drives. Reading several reviews on the net would help you decide on what kind brand and size of drive to purchase.

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