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Importance of backing up your files

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 30 Aug, 2012 19:58:56

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Have you experienced your computer being infected by a virus which wiped away all your files or a failing hard drive that suddenly can’t be recognized? Viruses and drive failures could result to corruption of personal and important files. Some can’t prevent the said problems and one of the solutions that we could do is to backup your files every now and then.

Backing up is the method of copying your files to another drive or disk. This would serve as your “backup files” which you could use if ever your original files was corrupted or deleted. Backing up is really important and must be done regularly.

A few years back, I experienced my personal computer being infected by a virus from a CD that contained games. After installing the said game, my computer suddenly crashed and won’t boot. That time, I still don’t have any knowledge about troubleshooting that’s why I contacted a computer technician to check. When the said technician diagnosed it, he told me that my computer was infected by a virus that corrupted my system. What he did was to immediately install a new operating system to my computer without thinking about backing up my files first which resulted to all my files getting lost.

Backing up your files is really necessary not just in your home but especially in offices. In offices, documents are really important especially reports and the like. If important documents will be lost, this could result into starting the documents all over again.

Backing up has many ways but the easiest way is just to copy your files and paste in into another location. If you don’t want to backup your files manually, there are also programs that could automatically backup all your files in just a single click of a mouse though most backup programs are not free. If you are also familiar with disk cloning, it would also be a good way to backup your files. From the name itself, disk cloning is the process of cloning your current drive into another drive. Take note that in cloning a disk, your new disk must have the same or higher capacity compared to your current drive. If you’re going to ask me, cloning will be the best way to backup your files. If you have a backup hard disk, you could just easily swap your hard disk if ever you experience some problems.

In backing up files, it doesn’t require advanced computer skills but for those who just want to be sure, you could just ask your computer technician to back it up for you. This way, you’ll have a peace of mind that your files are safe.

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