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Importance of Choosing Well Your College Course

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 09 Jun, 2010 06:30:32

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Taking time to enjoy life and savor its pleasures is fine. However, time passes by and you could be wasting time looking at the stars while you should be running after your dreams. Planning for the future is essential as it is guides you along your journey. With the tough employment competition nowadays, along with global recession, having a blueprint on how you will achieve your dreams is important if you’re really up for its realization.

There are a lot of people ended in misery simply because they did not put importance in choosing well their field of study. Several of them never thought that picking well their course is necessary at all. This is a list what they’ve become after 10 years.

  1. They are still on College after several course shifting, wasting not only financial assets but time as well.
  2. Some of them are employed and having a hard time to get up from bed every day as they would face same old routines they do not like. They’ve somehow lost their morale.
  3. Those managed to resign from job they’re not passionate to, becomes unemployed as they do not fit to jobs they dream of, lacking the required skills and knowledge.
  4. Those who took initiative to work while studying has to double their effort for compensating expenses for daily needs and returning to school. Aside from financial stability, this also requires time management and more energy.

So you see selecting well your college course saves you from a lot of hassles. Maybe, you’re thinking the list is incomplete for there are certain circumstances you could be lucky enough to pick your best suited course. Yes, definitely you’re right. However, being lucky is different from being sure. Nobody would want to gamble his or her future, right? A happy fulfilling career starts with right attitude. Your career starts in when you enter your own field of study. Thus, choosing your college course is the first leap on your journey to a well landing job. Taking the direct path to your dream job will conserve your money, time, effort, most especially your morale.

Aiming for dreams is easy, but fulfilling them is not. A map of your aspired destination will keep you away from troubles of travelling a long winding road. Claim your dreams. It’s better to start early. So, make your move, and chase your goals now.

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