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Importance of Good Web Design for a New Business Website

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 13 Dec, 2010 21:38:05

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Believe it or not, the format on how the elements of a website are arranged does really weigh.

It influences the loading speed of the website. A crowded website would definitely take time to load. And poor loading time is absolutely a “BOOO!” for readers. According to statistics, net surfers only take few seconds to open a website and when it doesn’t they click the “X” button. So you see, if you don’t want to lose the chance of gaining avid readers, you ought to lighten your website. Thus, as much as possible, avoid heavy burdens for your website, especially the gigantic images and lengthy videos.  If you really can’t avoid publishing these kinds of files, divide your website into pages and design each page in such a way that the heavy elements are evenly distributed. In this way your website will gain more loading speed.

It is a deciding factor whether the website is convenient to use or headache to users. Do you still remember the last time you’ve scanned through a blog with unclassified stuffs all over it in search of something? If yes, then you know what it feels like being trapped in maze-like-website. Whenever I experience such dilemma, I instantly get out of the website. And based from statistics, I’m not alone. Almost all net surfers drop any website after few seconds of “searching for the unsearchable”. Hence, it is very important to consider convenience of use in designing a website if you really want to please your readers.

It creates a lasting impression of the website. “First impressions last”, this popular statement is a naked reality known when it comes to websites. For this reason, it is not surprising why professionally-woven websites takes a lot of time just for the designing phase. Aside from usability; they also consider the psychological or subconscious effect of the colors, shapes, and location of each web element to a reader’s mood. They are doing this to make sure that the website will create the impression that serves the main purpose of the website.

If you want to launch your own website successfully, take this piece advice from someone who had been into ups and downs in managing a website: Design your website in a new viewer’s perspective. Learn to understand what your readers really need, strive for it, and you’ll never get lost.

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