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Incapability and Mismanagement: the main causes of unsuccessful IT Projects

by: Melissa Reyes | 10 Sep, 2010 08:01:01

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           In the age of technology, we evidently see the constant change of lifestyles. Technology has dramatically seeped its way to one’s life as if we can’t revolve without it. Nowadays, we have been enjoying the price of the innovations since technologies were commercialized. In this event, many business-minded people venture upon their projects in relation to information technology, but the at-risk projects may either be successful or failed bankrupt. If not successfully executed, the dismal ending of it leaves questions such as why or How come this project unsuccessful? Some possible reasons are as follows:

1. The workforce

            Before putting up an IT project, being the founder, you first think who will work? What are their qualifications? How can he/she contribute to your project? Choosing the right person for the right job is somewhat challenging. Sometimes, the task is assigned to a person who is quiet knowledgeable or a bit skilled to perform the job. As a result, the job, being not properly done, may lead to a bigger mistake and possibly ruin the project. For instance, the database analyst, an architect, project managers and business analyst don’t work very well on their functions because of less training or lack of experience and knowledge. These really undermine if not worsen the business once it is overlooked.

2. The management and organization of the project

            Generally, managing in every project or business is of course the most burdensome and tiresome of all responsibilities. Once it was not properly executed, it affects all smooth workflow. Project manager as we know is responsible (culpable in case of mismanagement) for the scope of the project, the budget and more importantly the schedules. Scheduling every task and managing time is much more effective to execute every plan. The project manager must be aware of how much time to spend more and determine when to finish the project.

Thus, project manager must be the most expert and just specially in decision in planning and decision making.

             In fact, most project managers mainly focus more on the completion of the project not the quality of execution. This is one of the reasons along with mismanagement and incapability to perform the job that cause unsuccessful IT projects.

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