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Internet Bandwidth Boosting Techniques

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 13 Dec, 2010 22:18:17

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Maybe until now there are people who still don’t know what to do if they encounter connection problems with their internet. Well, all I can say is that you can overcome connection problems by simply following easy techniques.

Now, here are the basic techniques you can do to boost your bandwidth.

  • You may contact your Internet Service Provider to check if there is service issues involved before doing any first move. Turn off your cable or Digital Subscriber Line, and wait about 15 seconds before turning it back on. This process is called Power-cycling.
  • You may check on your Internet Service Provider support site for some troubleshooting tips. For example, Sprint Digital Subscriber Line customers may download a free self-support utility that is able to check the settings of your personal computer, connection status, and electronic mails. If your free self-support utility found out that your recommended setting is bigger than your browser cache, the size would increase using it along with your instructions.
  • Did you know that your connection speed can be affected by multiple firewalls on your internet? You may not run or use the one that comes with Norton Internet Security, Windows Vista, Windows XP, and similar software if you have firewall with your router. 
  • Take note that it can be a dilemma if you have line filters that prevents noise from a Digital Subscriber Line signal disruption. You internet connection becomes slower if your fax machine or landline telephone is plugged into the Digital Subscriber Line modem port on the filter. You may download and install the updated version of firmware from the vendor’s website if you are using a wireless router.
  • You may find another Internet Service Provider that is offering a favorable bandwidth of your choice or upgrade to a faster internet connection if you are still not satisfied with the service even though it may seem that everything works normally.

You can make sure that you’ll get the best speed you want with your internet connection if you follow the steps or techniques mentioned above. It is given that all people who are using the internet wants to have the best and the fastest connection speed ever. Well, you may have a better or the best speed for your bandwidth if you can do the above instructions regularly. You may start doing these techniques now to start boosting your bandwidth as soon as possible.

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