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Internet, The Modern Encyclopedia

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 11 Jun, 2011 17:12:41

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Around 10 years ago, one of the most reliable sources of information is the encyclopedia. It is where you can find almost everything you need to know under the sun. It is commonly used by students for research. A set of encyclopedia back then was so expensive, it costs around more than P30,000. But today, encyclopedias are not being used anymore and it is because of the internet.

The internet is the modern encyclopedia because now, you don’t need to browse books for information. All you need to do is to type the word/s you need to research and the search engine will automatically find it for you. The internet is like a very big modern library where you see everything from information, videos, music’s, pictures and more. That’s the power of technology.

You can now find everything you need to know about your research without spending huge amount of time in looking. In the Internet, you can search about anything. You can learn new things by the use of your computer. Almost all of us know that the internet made our life easier compared before but are we aware about its disadvantages?

Based on my personal opinion, internet has really helped us in my ways but at some point, it made us lazy especially in research. Back in elementary days, I was one of those people who use the encyclopedia to gain information. You can gain information by reading and taking down notes. But now, the definition of research is to search for the topic, copy its contents and print it.

Some student doesn’t even look at it before passing it to their teachers and when the teacher asked about the research, all you can answer is the website from where you copied it. That’s how internet made us lazy. Most of us including me are guilty about this one. We are really lucky that we now have these kinds of technology which helped us in many ways but we must always remember that we must not take it for granted. We must still have the discipline and the will to understand the research. That’s why it’s called “research” and not “copy paste”.

At this point of time, technology is advancing every single day and the internet adds information every second. But remember, not all sources from the internet is reliable. Make sure to gain information from reliable sources to avoid wrong information and lastly, use the internet for good purpose only.

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