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Interview Tips: The Do’s and Don’ts When You’re At Assessment

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 05 Jul, 2010 23:51:59

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The final judgment whether you’ll win or lose your sought-after job lies on your interview. This fact is an unspoken truth that makes undergoing this process more stressful.  To help you get ready, these are few tips you can use to emerge victorious.

Don’t: Don’t be late! Remember, you are supposed to be asserting behavior while the spotlights are on you. Would you like to create a bad image out of yourself? No one would allow his battle defeated, especially that it is not starting yet.

Do: Be punctual. As much as you can, be an hour early. This will save you from stress and hassles in running after the clock. A calm mind would give you a big favor during your interview.

Don’t: Don’t pull out any joke. Blurring wacky tension-escapes is not advisable in professional assessments as it might spill your chance of getting hired.

Do: Be polite. Wait for acknowledgement before sitting on chair or entering the interview room. Show sincerity when you are greeting.

Don’t over accessorize: You are suppose to be demonstrating your well equipped for the job, not well accessorized for a party galore.

Do: Wear a proper professional-looking outfit. Have the image of the ideal job candidate for the position. Outside appearances does contribute a large percentage in creating good impression for short-length face ups.

Don’t: Don’t ask for salary details. You’re talking to the boss for an evaluation, not for a job offer. What interest would you want to emphasize? Is it your interest to the job or your concern for the money?

Do: Justify your qualifications matching the job requirements. Talk about your related work and school experiences, as well as voluntary jobs. In addition, you can also mention awards and skills that you garnered in joining trainings and competitions. Give the interviewer a good reason why you are the most suited person for the job.

Don’t: Don’t express a surrendering face, even if you feel the interviewer is unsatisfied. An unfinished battle is still worth continuing. Remember that the competition is very stiff. Use everything you have to win your sought-after job, including a winning expression.

Do: Have a graceful victorious exit. No matter how bad the interview came out, have a confident ending. There aren’t results yet, so continue striving. Who knows…one of these they might call you back.

Bear in mind to show who you are in interviews. Believe in your own capabilities. As long as you know that you got the edge and you’re ready, there’s nothing to worry about. Don’t pretend to be someone else. Would it be nice to work in a company who liked you the way you are?

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