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IT Trends in 2010

by: Ailene B. Misa | 02 Feb, 2010 19:50:49

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Come 2010! Every IT professional and even students are asking themselves this question: what will be the IT trend for this year.

IT experts and analyst have their own forecast of the coming IT Trend for this year. Most IT professionals are waiting for forecast to know professional prospects and disputes. Nearly all forecast were derived with rational and practical application to facilitate progress for professional growth or shall we say lasting profession.

The truth is the demand for both IT products and services are increasing daily. If you will observe innovations are very evident in computing world merely because it aims for competence. In the same way, these innovations continue to provide us job opportunities in almost all sectors. Through this, the demand for skillful and experienced IT professionals is rapidly increasing. Would you believe that we still have scarcity in qualified IT professionals?

In addition, IT forecast point out part of development and strong prospects. It can also help you make a decision on what certification to obtain.

Let us identify the possible IT trend on the following area like security, open source, software development and networking.

Security. We all know that security of a computer or network is always at risk. Also, it is a common knowledge that it is the evident precedence in every organization. Computing is very much exposed with bugs, spasm and viruses. In case it was disregarded, it can cause problems that might cause major loss and damages.

That is why most of the IT organizations are very active in shielding their business and communication. Fortunately most of the organizations are empowering their security skills and techniques to keep away the threats. This is why we have an increase in IT security professionals and high demands on security certifications. One of the most in demand security certification is CISSP or Certified Information System Security Professionals.

Networking. From wired networking we are now moving to wireless networking. Shall I say it is one of the most in demand in the market nowadays? Obvious growth on sales and manufacture wireless products and services is a common knowledge to all. Some say because it deals more with fashion, but the reality is it provides business opportunities. With this, high demand for IT professionals with wireless networking skills was also observed. Skilled professionals, who can design, implement and maintain wireless infrastructure.

Furthermore the growth of VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol was also evident. This is primarily controlled either by Cisco or Microsoft. We increase on the demand of VoIP services and skilled professionals who can design, implement and maintain this kind of networks.

Open source. It all started with Linux advocates establishing open source software programs. At present we have different open source know-how that launches its own software programs. According to the IT forecast Linux growth is quite remarkable. The are some computer companies who acquire Linux in their manufactured computer because they finally realize its significant role in business applications. With this, the demand for Linux skilled professionals is hastily increasing. Some will think that it is still a long way travel for Linux to invade the ordinary personal computers. But let me tell you this, Linux is quietly invading most of the server applications. This is the observation in the growing number of IT professionals who took Linux trainings and certification.

Software Development. Software development is one of the most awaited forecasts in IT industry. The most common innovations will revolve on the areas of VB, C++, and Java. But we could not ignore the Microsoft programming since it dominates most of the desktop. Java is the leading key service provider in web service application. A huge increase in numbers of IT professionals who are getting involved in Java training and certification was observed for quite sometime.

The current and the coming IT trend will demand for another set of skilled IT professionals. May this article help you in deciding what path or certification to opt.

Start building a strong IT foundation and have a lasting IT job. There's a lot of opportunity that awaits IT professionals but the big question is that are you qualified or equipped with the skills they need?

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