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Job Hunting Tip: How to Pick the Best Employer

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 16 Jan, 2011 21:57:28

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Yes, you’ve read it right. Applicants are also bestowed with the right to choose where they could apply. However, this fact is often disregarded. Oftentimes, applicants just grab any chance of getting a job even if they’re not familiar with the employer or the job itself. Worst, many even accept jobs that they don’t even like not knowing there are available jobs more fit for them. If you don’t want to encounter this situation, the following are the steps on how to pick the best employer for you:

1. List your “qualifications” of a good employing company. First things first. To know your ideal company, you need to define its likable characteristics. Are you willing to relocate or do you wanted to work near your family? What specifically do you like to do? What position do you want to obtain and how much is your expected salary? These are only some of the relevant questions you need to ask yourself to have a clear view of your prospect employer. If you don’t want to regret in the end landing on the wrong employer, take time thinking.

2. Use networking in searching for qualified employing companies. This is so easy with the available resources nowadays. Take advantage of the social networking websites such as Facebook to keep in touch with your friends and former classmates and colleagues. Ask them for companies that are hiring applicants on your field. Inform them of your “qualifications” for the right employer. This way you’ll have a wider search from relevant sources. Consider info’s from friends who are directly working for the company they are referring. Most likely, they have the most credible testimony considering they’re insider. To continually benefit from networks, help others as well and give back the favor whenever you have a chance.

3. Dig deeper. Once you’ve created a short list of your prospect employers from your networks, do your homework. Using internet check each company’s background. Investigate what they are doing recently and what they’re up to. Know also their vision and ideals. Your research would help check if your dreams are complimentary to the company you want to apply at. Moreover, you’ll have bigger chance of getting hired if you know your employer and the job itself.

Even if we’re experiencing crisis and unemployment dilemmas, it’s still not enough excuse to just grab whatever comes your way. Aside from your dreams and career fulfillment; your money, time, and effort are also on the line.

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