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Job Searching Tips: How to Get a Job before Anyone Else Does

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 30 Mar, 2011 13:02:55

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Here are the ways on how to get ahead of the job searching race and win the job you want:

Define the job you want. Cut the chase and save yourself from filtering unwanted jobs. Write a list of what you want in a job. Include your options of location, salary range, job position, especially the task and responsibilities you’d enjoy having. It would also be better, if you’d have specific employers in mind. This way you’d have more defined job search.

Equip yourself with the necessary skills. Now you have an idea of the kind of job that qualifies you, it’s time to make yourself qualified for the job. You wouldn’t want to lose the chance of having the job just because you want a short cut. Search the internet for the skills necessary to get the job. Enroll as soon as you can to the most reliable training institutions, so you can have the job you want in a fast yet sure way.

Seek help from your networks. Inform your friends and networks about your quest for job search. Share your specific wants in a job. However, never give them an all-in-one resume. It’ll just blow your chances of getting the job.

Create email alerts from job posting websites. Sign up to popular job posting websites and allow job email alerts for job categories that interest you. Adjust the filter settings in such a way that the position, years of experience, skills, and location of your choice is sent to your inbox.

Contact the employer that interests you as early as you can. Applying early is a good sign for employers. It goes to show how interested you are in the job. Hence, whenever you found a job that interests you, grab the chance of applying for the job. Nevertheless, make sure your job application will be successful.

Keep your lines of communication open. Always check your email and have your cellphone near you, so you won’t miss an employer’s message or a network’s job lead.

Write targeted resumes. There no such thing as “all-in-one resume”. If you want to make it for a job interview, use the keywords of skills and qualifications that will make you an irresistible applicant.

Prepare for successful interview. If you want to have the job now and eliminate further competition with other succeeding applicants, leave the interviewer with no doubt that you can do the job with flying colors. You’d surely get the job upon interview, if you’d match your qualifications well what they need.

As new graduates add to the competing employment-seeking-population, the chance to get a job becomes stiffer. Let’s face it. There are other applicants who are more qualified than you. If you want to get ahead among other applicants, you have to get the job before other more qualified applicant does.  

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