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Laptop or PC: What Would You Choose?

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 10 Jul, 2010 05:13:44

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It’s so easy to buy, but to endure the consequences of unwise decision is different. It is difficult and utterly stressing. Others may choose laptop, while some may prefer PC. To tell you, there is no absolute choice. Whichever you’ll choose between personal computer and laptop, your decision should depend on your individual needs and present situation. This article will give you idea on when you should select laptop and what circumstances requires you to have PC.

Choose Laptop If…

…you really need to work on computer in places without accessible PC’s

Laptops are handy and convenient to use when you often travel. However, they are a bit costly to buy. As a matter of fact, laptops are several times more expensive than PC’s with equal efficiency. Stick on your decision to buy laptop only if you really need to work outside without accessible computer. 

you have a credible laptop repairman reachable

Another thing to consider before buying a laptop is the availability of repairing entities. Only few know how to fix laptops. Remote places and even some cities still don’t have laptop repair shops. When the warranty period is over, do you have someone you know that could fix your laptop in case it malfunctions? Good, if a repair shop is accessible to you, or if you know how to fix your own laptop. However, if there is no reachable credible laptop repairman, then consider other alternative instead of having laptop.

Choose PC When…

…you have limited budget

If you want an efficient computer but you have a limited budget, go for personal computer. There are a lot of fast working PC’s available in affordable prices. Take advantage of the fast progress of computers. Computer prices eventually run down as new models are vastly created.

…you have a fix working place

Given that you got a fix working place, prefer buying PC instead of laptop. Working on permanent place will take you away from risks of losing your computer or having it broken. Bringing handy computer outdoor can be dangerous.

…you often upgrade

Personal computers are the most utilized kind of computer. It has many easy-interchangeable parts and components available in the market. Moreover, PC repair shops are everywhere. Thus, PC upgrade as well as repair services are easy on the pocket. If you constantly upgrade, personal computers are your best choice. 

Being wise in buying is important nowadays. They always say “go for the most convenient to use gadgets”. However, there are no perfect gadgets. Convenience is a matter of individual circumstances.

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