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Logitech's Washable Keyboard

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 28 Aug, 2012 16:28:55

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If you are one of those computer users that can’t resist eating and drinking besides your computer, this article might please you. Most of us are aware that electronic equipments are sensitive to dust, heat and especially water. In offices, computers are used in working and there are times we couldn’t prevent accidents or spilling liquids like coffee, juice and water into your keyboards.

Based from personal experience, I was also guilty in drinking and eating besides my computer especially if I do have something important to finish or just want to play some computer games. There were also those times that eating chips besides my keyboard makes it very dirty. There was also this instance that a mango juice of mine accidentally spills into my keyboard though luckily, despite everything, my keyboard is still working fine. Another experience is from an officemate who accidentally spill half of her hot coffee into her keyboard which caused damage to the keyboard. When I checked it, it was not totally damaged but all numbers on its numpad won’t work anymore which means that the keyboard already needs replacement.

If you really can’t resist eating and drinking besides your computer, having a keyboard that can be washed will really help a lot. Recently, Logitech released their new product which they called the “Washable Keyboard K310” which can be the solution to your problem. If ever you accidentally spilled some liquid, you could easily drain it by using the drainage hole at the back of the keyboard. This can be washed and dried.

If you are an owner of a company or just a small internet cafe, you might consider this product though the price of this one would be around 1.5k in Philippine peso which is a bit expensive compared to a regular keyboard. The said keyboard is still not yet available in the Philippines. So if you really want to have this washable keyboard, you could order it online or ask a relative or friend in the US to buy and send it to you.

Again, electronics are sensitive and must be taken care of but if you really can’t control yourself and you still prefer eating snacks and drinking something besides your keyboard, I would highly recommend this product. It may be a bit expensive but in the long run, it would be cheaper compared to buying new a new keyboard to replace your damaged one.

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