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Monitor your computerís temperature with Speed fan

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 28 May, 2014 14:04:23

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With the kind of weather that we are experiencing right now, it is not only us humans can experience the summer heat but also our computers. This kind of heat could result to an overheating computer but this could be monitored to prevent any damages. With the program called speed fan, you could easily check your computer's temperature at any time.

Speed fan is a program that could easily monitor your computer's temperature. One thing that I liked most about this program is that it monitors not just the case temperature but also the temperature of your hard drive, processor and video card.

With the help of this program, it would be easier to distinguish which component is causing excessive heat. Troubleshooting an overheating computer isn't easy but this program could really help you a lot. If the program suspects an overheating component, below would be the steps that you could do to fix the issue.

System / Case - If there is a system overheating issue, adding additional fans could help but if not, upgrading your case to a better one would be a good idea.

Hard drive - If the program detects an overheating hard drive, you could try reseating it... in a different slot in order to allow better air circulation. If the first step didn't work, there are aftermarket hard drive fans available.

Processor - If the overheating issue is with the CPU, one of the best solutions that you could do is to clean the heat sink and reapply a new thermal paste. If the CPU is still causing heat, you could try replacing your heat sink with a bigger one. For gamers, they usually replace their heat sinks to prevent overheating.

Video Card - Overheating video cards could be fixed by also cleaning the fan. If overheating is still an issue, an additional fan or an exhaust could do the trick.

An overheating component that needs replacement would cost you and that is why monitoring it would be the best thing to do. If there is already a sign of overheating, doing the steps above could still prolong the life of your components.

If you want your computer to last for years, this program could really be useful. I've used this for years already and believe me; it helped me to troubleshoot client computers that are overheating.

Speed fan could be downloaded from the internet and could be installed in a few clicks.


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