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Movie Animation Creation: Part 2

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 10 Jan, 2011 19:16:20

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Now, we will continue our discussion on creating movie animation. Here are the steps.

  • From the site you may download the installer or Moviestorm. To ensure you have enough hard-disk space and dependable and quick internet connection which sums up to megabytes of hundreds, the remaining content will be downloaded by the helper application. You may login after registering a password and username.
  • You may choose ‘New Movie’ after launching Moviestorm. You may customize a movie you prepared or you may follow a brief tutorial after choosing a template. Now, the blank Moviestorm template is selected. As you can see, there are neither activities nor actors which are bundled that create the simple set. To load the template at the bottom of the screen you may click the tick.
  • At the top of the screen where a row of icons is located, the creation process is logically arranged into steps. The one which loads your basic set is a depicted spanner and hammer which are the first of these. From gardens to stylized world of cartoons and rooms, you may choose one of several pre-designed sets or you may choose an empty space. Now, to confirm you may click the tick.
  • On the screen you will see props and furniture of the 3-Dimensional room if a pre-designed set is the one you chose. Now, to customize it, you may click on any item which you can find on either the floor or wall. For adding more props and walls, there are options provided by the six icons at the bottom left. You may change the outside look of the sky after customizing the background sound and the lighting.
  • Now, to enter the Dressing Room at the top of the screen you may click the second icon. At the bottom, you may enter the character’s name in the given space after you choose its clothing from the palette on the right and as well as it’s body type. If you want to access locked character types, you may purchase an extra Content Packs.
  • On the cast list, you may add as many characters as you want because the icon can be accessed on the character’s name on the left side. You may add additional accessories after customizing their hair and face. There is wide range of parameters available like scars and makeup which are the particular extensive facial options.
  • At this point, you can instruct the steps to do to your virtual cast. At the top of the screen, you may find the Director’s view where the clapperboard icon is represented. Now, to start the scene, you may place your actors where you want them. For each one press in the set, and choose ‘Place here at start of scene’ after clicking on their icons in the succession located at the bottom.

We will continue with the rest of the steps on the third part of this article up next.

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