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MS Office Training, the course that will give you edge at work

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 29 May, 2015 16:26:01

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Usually, when people hear about IT training, they think that it is only for IT professionals but actually, it is not. Here at CNCTC, we do not just offer training for IT professionals but we also offer basic training for those who wants to learn Microsoft office applications.

Most of you might say that using the said program would be a piece of cake but not to all. There would be those who need real training for them to be really familiarized with the program. I do suggest those who work in offices to give this training a try and I would assure you that you will finish your work faster.

For those working with MS office applications every day, I am pretty sure that there would be times that you spend amount of time in experimenting on how to do a specific task. It would be hard especially if most of you in the office are really not that familiar in using the said program. If there would be deadlines and some formulas are not working, that could be critical.

In this course, you will learn not just Microsoft Word but also Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint. It also includes the... basics of using the internet. It would matter a lot if you do know the basics of the said applications especially Microsoft Excel because it is the most complicated among the three because of the formulas.

There would be instances that even IT professionals could not answer queries regarding formulas on Excel because again, it is actually a bit complicated compared to the two. I myself have already encountered a fellow employee asking about a formula for excel to compute for something. I was able to answer it but I need to research for it first. Again, if you are into office works especially those who works with excel every single day at the office, I would really recommend this so that you will be able to be familiarized with the formulas that are usually used for computing certain numbers.

At the end of the course, the trainees can now apply the knowledge acquired from the training. Believe me, if you are pretty much familiar with the said applications, you will be able to finish the tasks given to you in no time. You do not need to experiment anymore on what formula will you use or how to generate reports with graphs.

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