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Must have attitudes for IT professionals at work

by: Mon Peter I. Damiles | 30 May, 2015 13:04:47

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In a company, IT professionals are always present to assist users and customers regarding various issues whether it is on the technical side or just a simple customer query. Being an IT professional is not an easy task and it requires training and never ending learning.

As we all know, the IT industry is still growing and the need of IT professionals are also rising. Every year, huge number of IT students finishes their degrees but the question is, are they ready?

In this article, I will be talking about the attitudes that IT professional and fresh graduates must have in order to stay competitive to be able to cope up with the demands of the industry.

Flexibility - Being flexible means that you could easily adapt with any changes needed. This way, the company could see that even if there would be any sudden changes that could make your work difficult, you're still willing to do it.

Respect - In any office, respect is one of the most important attitudes that every employees must possess. When you respect your fellow employees, a big chance is that they'll also respect you in return. But if you don't respect them, believe me; they'll... make life difficult for you.

Patience - Working with programs or as a developer requires patience. There will always be times that you'll be encountering errors and it could take time for you to see and solve them. Without patience, you could just give up and discontinue what you are doing.

Hard work - Being hard working is always being rewarded. If you do have this trait, a promotion is not impossible. Even if you're not that good but they've noticed your hard work, it will still matter a lot.

Team player - There would be times that you'll be asked to team up with different employees for a certain project. Being someone that could work with others is something that employees must possess. Being a team player could also mean that you're flexible. There are those who prefer working alone but not all the time that you'll be given a project just for you to finish. Being able to work with others is also an advantage.

As an IT professional, you don't want to be on the entry level position for all of your life. I'm quite sure that everyone also wants to be promoted. Promotion is not just about a salary appraisal but also for seniority. Promotion also means that you'll be respected more compared before. To be promoted, having the right attitude is really important and if you have the said traits, then promotion is reachable. Mentioned above are only some of the traits that an IT professional must possess at work. Always remember that even if you're the best IT guy in your company, you still have room for improvement.

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