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My Documents Folder Moving Techniques

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 24 Jan, 2011 15:50:33

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It is a sure thing for most PC users to secure their private information, and because of this they need to use the folder of My Documents. But the drive where the folder of My Documents located is the same with the OS of Windows which is on drive C.

For various reasons, it is not a likeable idea to store these two components on the same drive location. You are going to learn about the two of the most important reasons, which is as follows:  

  • You will notice that as long as the OS of Windows change lesser frequently, your private information changes most of the time which makes backing up task really complicated and that’s an indication that your Windows system need not be backed up more frequently than your private information. You have to make large visuals more often as required when you are using the same drive for both programs. On the other hand, defragmenter of disk program may be quoted just the same. The defragmenter of disk will be slower when you are combining your private information with Windows programs which defragging need increases.
  • You will likewise notice that your Windows space capacity is not increasing, but on the contrary, your private information may do otherwise. Take note that if you are going to file up your drive C, you are not far away from a lot of threats and risks which apparently putting down the performance of your Windows because you are in the age of electronic pictures with multi-mega pixel technology. You may never know when you have to practice increasing the partition capacity of your main disk which will be sooner or later when you need to occupy the disk and have to create more space by permanently removing some of your private information.

You may be aware that most of PC users got only one hard drive with a single partition which is the C drive that makes the folder of My Documents moving task not possible

Keep in mind that it’s a bit easy to move to a different partition or drive for your folder of My Documents if on your hard drive you have two or more partitions.

Now, to make room for all your documents however, you need to have free space just enough to cover the second partition or drive. You need to note the available free space on each drive or partition after going to My Computer and clicking on View/Details to know the outcome. The drive of your Compact Disk should not be an object to get things mixed up and certainly your folder of My Documents can’t be moved.

You may need to select Properties after right-clicking on My Documents as long as you’re still in My Computer. The folder size should be visible after a few moments. You may note the bigger figure if two of them are seen with one in support and jot down the disk capacity required.

At this point, you have to decide on which drive you like your folder of My Documents be moved to and the disk capacity should be well enough to accommodate your needs, for example, drive D is the one you have chosen.

You may choose Properties after right-clicking on My Documents, but before all these processes, you need to click on the Start button first. You may right-click the icon of My Documents on your desktop if there’s no My Documents on your start menu.

You may choose Move and then do the drive D navigation after clicking on Properties. Click Make New Folder after choosing the letter of the drive. You may press the Return key and then OK after entering the name of the folder as My Document. You may click on YES after Windows ask you if you want to move your documents or NO.

Remember that it will take time for your documents to be moved. You may instantly have an access to them from the icon of My Documents from somewhere else or on your own desktop once the moving process is done.

It is a good thing to know that you are making a bigger space on your drive C in the long run. You may do defragging of the drive in the most efficient way so Windows utilization will be easier. 

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