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MySpace Concedes To Facebook

by: Cresencio Daffon Jr. | 02 Dec, 2010 23:03:48

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Mike Jones, refers the life of his dying site as “one of the largest entertainment experiences on the Web.” This is what the CEO of MySpace was telling publicly to announce the coming end of the said social networking site.

This would be the conclusion of what the longtime social site is coming through. Many internet fanatics think that the conceding of MySpace to Facebook has long been due. Competition was stiff between these two social networking site based on the current rankings tabulated by many internet surveying bodies that ended Facebook as the victor. Although, the MySpace Company really did all the efforts in staying on the same level as Facebook does, they can’t seem to get even a pinch of what their competitor is getting.

Now, because of a wide coverage of popularity of Facebook, MySpace created added link that serves as the interconnection between the two social networking sites. For sure both users of these sites will be happy with the news that you can now perform all tasks possible to be link interchangeably to both ends. The link between these two sites would only mean more fun and excitement for its users. It will only make browsing and visiting these sites exciting with added thrill on it.

Imagine how time flies? Way back 5 years ago in 2005, Rupert Murdoch paid $580 million to the then popular MySpace. At present time, Facebook dominates the social networking statistic share with users of about 500 million. Internet statistics shows that users of Facebook has way up high increasing from day to day and it can never be stopped as it grows.  In fact only Facebook gained this unprecedented standing in history since the internet started to hit worldwide. Because through FB (a nickname for Facebook) you can express your feelings openly, you can post pictures freely as often as you like, you can send and receive updates on the latest happenings and current events, you can play games, place an advertisement for your business and products or services, you also create you own webpage and other personalities as well, add applications and different tasks that you can’t do using other sites.

Compared to FB, MySpace has never been used and attracted so many people in or out of the US. Most probably because FB speaks more youthful and lively than MySpace do. It can be declared that MySpace has reach its course to take a rest from being tagged as the top social networking site and let Facebook run its battle with all other sites to be at the peak. Now, almost everybody knows FB. From the President down to the least of the people can say that the existence of Facebook really marks the end of popularity for all other social networking sites and the beginning of internet leadership that would take to the highest level which will make such a history to the web’s realm.

It’s now time to bid farewell to MySpace as once known to be a popular social networking site, and say hello to its dawning new era.

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