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Networking: The Art of Boosting Your Career

by: Tesa Mari S. Sabao | 14 Jun, 2010 12:12:02

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Aside from skills improvement and earning credible employment history, another thing you can work on to level up is networking. What some often take for granted is marketing themselves after spicing up for better career. Create ways in exposing yourself in the market. There’s nothing more massive and more effective in doing this than networking.

Advantages of Gaining Network

The traditional way of employment is applying for companies who have vacant positions. Once you’re hired, like it or not you have to stay in a considerable length of time to avoid stain on your employment record. This is the common scenario in the employment these days. Why suffer circumstances of not knowing the companies in your industry, when you could have gain information of favorable entities in your field and their requirements for approving an applicant? Yes, you could search the internet. However, you’ll only have a limited access of the real scenario. Companies are creating ways on improving their image in the internet. Of course, they will. These are part of marketing their products and/or services. Thus, most likely, you’ll only know their goody goodies. To know the real situation in known companies in your chosen industry, network.

Another advantage of networking is you got to know insider insights on how you’ll have the favorable positions. You won’t get this on simple searching as everybody seems to be selfish enough not to give information in the world. Then, why they will give you info then? Scratch their backs and they’ll scratch yours. Socialize with fellow career people in the industry, share knowledge and your own discoveries. Try networking. You may even get to met favorable employers in the long run.

Tips on Networking

Here are ways you can network:

  1. Participate in forums and online career organization in your industry.
  2. Have a frequent communication with previous classmates and acquaintances, as they might give you real good advice and information in boosting your career.
  3. Be sociable. Involve yourself in events where you could get a chance to market yourself, gain knowledge and insider insights, and connect with people whom you could extend your network.
  4. Be accommodating. Help others and do not be selfish. God has His ways of bringing back your goodness.

Increasing graduates and competitors, global recession, constant upgrade of industries, all these and more makes employment competition tougher this age. Thus, every advantage you can gain is already a big help in boosting your career.

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